Awareness Up…”Partner Up” Down.

Good Morning, this blog today will be the  first entry since this sight was set up.  To put in on procrastination would only an excuse that plagues most.  Initially,F.A.V.A. Inc. blog was to serve as a platform to Raise Domestic Violence Abuse AWARENESS to anyone and everyone.  F.A.V.A. INC.  (Family/Friends Against Violent Act) would serve as that voice. It would not have a personal voice attatched to the cause of Raising awareness..This Blog would provide information on What Domestic Violence is, it would provide information of What Signs to know when assessing if a Relationship is a Domestic Violence situation (either happen or soon coming). It (the F.A.V.A. INC.) blog was to provide Resource information to assist one in the journey to becoming a Survivor. It (the F.A.V.A. INC.) blog would not give you any personal accounts/(testimonies to what life is like when you are a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE victim..NOR, would it give a personal account of Life when u become a SURVIVOR.

F.A.V.A. INC. would not give the personal testimony of  FAMILY AND FRIENDS that have participated in the lives of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE victims, Only flashes of information to get u on your way..and hopefully it would help to Raise Awarness and help to save lives.



The Reason I, Yolan Henry, procrastinated in managing this blog and posting life-changing/saving  information, was because WITHOUT..sharing My story of being a victim, My story of what i know of Domestic violence, My story of how i came to find out about all of the information available to anyone who may be a victim, or a family member or a friend of someone involved in a DOMESTIC VIOLENCE situation, My testimony to having lost not one, not two, but three loved ones due to DOMESTIC VIOLENCE..(2 in death (Homocide ruled/but not yet convicted) and (one by way of the Judicial Court systems after the tragic death of the surviving child’s custodial parent (sole custody at time of death), without including my view and my knowledge..I would merely be preaching to an EMPTY audience..

Initially I planned on having a “ghost-writer” if you will to imput the information.  This way i would not be tempted to personally touch each blog or posting. That didn’t work..maybe “creative differences” or was it..foreign to a person that may not know from sitting on the other side.

I’ve been told..time and time again..take the You and the Nova and the Ava and the Noah..out of the story and stick to what your mission is..WELL they are my mission..they are the driving force behind my “mission”.  I can only do this by talking from my heart and my own knowledge..I do not profess to be a professional of any sorts..I did receive a 40 hour training Certificate for taking a training course to become or be able to assist another with tools and information..From this training course you can further your education to become a “COURT ADVOCATE”. (One that attends court with a victim to encourage them, be their support,  and possibly another witness to what is going on).  Nova Henry was my daughter and Ava Safiyah Henry-Curry was my granddaughter, Since their deaths I’ve had to sit in numerous courtrooms as a consequence to a HOMOCIDE that was committed. I’ve been in Family court (Domestic Relations – Child Support), I’ve sat in Probate court (court where you settle the estate of the deceased family member(s)..why i was there..i had no idea, til i became AWARE..I’ve sat once a month for the last 2 years and 10 months in a Criminal Court room, faithfully. I’ve witnessed 2 murder trials and witnessed their outcomes..from All of these Attendanced i’ve picked a bit of knowledge of how these courts are operating. So i ADVOCATE…that the court process is a bunch of protocol and BULLSHIT..but all in’s what you have to do..IT’S PROCEDURE..

So today, i will begin to blog on the daily’s of what it’s like to TRY TO RAISE AWARENESS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ABUSE..LET’S SEE HOW IT CONTINUES..peace



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