Facebook Introduces Amber Alerts

Social media has created a new platform for the victims of all types of attacks.  It has stopped crime and sparked riots.  Thanks to the demand of people like members of F.A.V.A., Inc. the sharing of information on Amber Alerts has pushed Facebook to help the initiative have an even strong voice.  Read more at Mashable.com.

Find your state’s Amber Alert Facebook page, click here.


About favaincblog

Yolan Henry, Mother of 3 and grandmother of 3. On January 24, 2011 this ordinary description of my life as a Woman whose life was pretty much normal, enjoying the love of my Children and grandchildren, Changed in such a way that recovery seemed Impossible. On that day, My daughter Nova Henry and my granddaughter Ava Safiyah Henry-Curry were murdered. Forever my life and the life of my Family would be changed. Domestic Violence was the underlying reason for their deaths. What followed after could never have been imagined. I was thrust into a world of Deceit, Lies, Emptiness, Trauma, and Injustice. My life's path has lead me to Question the injustices of their deaths. Fighting (non-violently) for Victims of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, My life has become that of an Activist of sorts..Learning about what Domestic Violence is and Raising the Awareness of the Nation is now my life's work. From this passion Arose, F.A.V.A. INC. (Family/Friends Against Violent Acts) in honor of my daughter and granddaugter and All other Victims and Survivors of Domestic Violence Abuse. This is my life story...now.

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